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China Cordial Building Materials ( Shenzhen ) Co., Ltd.
Cordial Building Materials ( Shenzhen ) Co., Ltd.
Cordial Building is one professional manufacturer of stone & cabinet, with more than 10 years experience. Customized Whole House Stone & Cabinet: Kitchen Countertop, Kitchen Island, Bathroom Vanity Top, Table Tops, Floor Tiles, Wall Panel, Staircase, Kitchen Cabinet, Bathroom Cabinet, Wardrobe, Closet etc. With strict quality management system. We always strive for offering products and service beyond customers' expectation.For years, we are working with distributor, contractors, house owners, ...
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Fabric Upholstered Adjustable Modern Bedroom Furniture Set With Non Woven Fabric

Upholstery Material:Fabric

Design Style:Modern


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High Grade Knitting Fabric Jade Stone Health Mattress 30cm


General Use:Home, Hotel Furniture

Home Furniture:Modern

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Modern Polymeric Sponge Flat Plywood Wooden Framed Adjustable Beds For Home

Material:Steel,Non-Woven Fabric,Polymeric Sponge,Flat Plywood

Warranty:1 Year

Frame Material:Wood

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OEM ODM Solid Wood And Upholstered Bed Adjustable Height

Feature:Adjustable (height), Adjustable (other), Convertible, Tufted


Frame Material:Wood

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2023-06-30 20:53:22
Our build-budget was tight for the amount of work required. Abby did a great job keeping our budget in-focus while accomplishing our design goals. She was fun to work with, and she came up with a design that exceded our expections. Abby was a great fit for us, and I would definitely use her again.
2023-06-30 20:56:00
Keri and her team were so amazing to work with. The whole design process was so organized and hit on everything I truly wanted our new kitchen, bathroom and laundry area to be. Her 3D models made the whole experience seem so real. We are about to begin the construction and so excited to work with her on finishes and fixtures.
2023-09-25 22:35:37
Kathy took our core, rough preferences about a house and turned them into a beautiful, functional design. Throughout the design process she incorporated our ideas and edits, provided they did not clash with the integrity of the architecture. Kathy also delivered the final plans on schedule and within the initial budget. In short, we could not have
2023-09-25 22:37:55
We choose cordial building for the hotel project. They did an amazing job! They were fast, explained everything, and provided great plans. Pam and Evan are extremely knowledgeable about construction and a pleasure to work with. They go above and beyond to ensure that the project is success. We highly recommend their services!
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What Is Quartz Sink?
What Is Quartz Sink?
  Quartz composite is a man made material, composed of natural quartz combined with acrylic resin (generally an 80%/20% ratio). Quartz composite sinks are highly durable with the look and feel similar to natural stone at a much lower price Pros of a quartz sink It's incredibly durable and resistant to heat (up to 535° F), scratches, stains and impact Its smooth surface is easy to clean and maintain Its natural soundproofing absorbs noise It's nonporous, so food particles don't spread It's hygienic and bacteria and odor resistant It complements popular quartz countertops as well as other materials It retains its color and uniformity for a lifetime It's affordable   Are quartz sinks noisy? Quartz sinks are actually quieter than stainless steel due to their natural soundproofing quality.   How are quartz sinks installed? These sinks may be top-mounted or undermounted, with a wide array of options in shape, size, and bowl configuration.   Are quartz sinks durable? Quartz composite is one of the most durable sink materials available! It’s smooth and nonporous, making it easy to clean, heat-resistant up to 535° F, and resistant to stains, scratches, dents, and chips. It’s also hygienic, with bacteria- and odor-resistant properties   How to care for a quartz sink Quartz kitchen sinks are fairly low-maintenance. Clean it regularly with a mild detergent, and deep-clean as necessary with a nylon brush and a cleaner.   Quartz sinks can be hard on dropped dishes, so be careful when you wash your fragile glasses or china!  
What Are Shaker Cabinets
What Are Shaker Cabinets
Shaker kitchen doors and cabinets, as well as Shaker drawers, are a style of kitchen units that feature a flat centre panel and square edges, with minimal detailing or profiling. Shaker cabinet designs are often symmetrical and shy away from intricate carvings and ornamentation.   Shaker cabinets have become popular in modern home design as they are simple, functional and timeless. They are available in a variety of materials, finishes and colors, can be used to create a classic look or a more modern look.  
Sintered Stone Specification
Sintered Stone Specification
Sintered Stone Specification Sintered Stone is manufactured using latest technology which mimic the processes that form natural stones. It is made of natural components, including quart minerals, clays, feldspar, silica, natural mineral and pigments. To the untrained eye, Sintered Stone is almost impossible to distinguish from natural stone.   Our production equipment: Italy System 30,000 tons pressing machine, 16-channel high-definition inkjet printer, fully intelligent super large 20-box automatic billet storage system and other imported equipment.   What are the benefits of Sintered Stone? Durable, Weatherproof, Unaffected by heat or cold, Waterproof, Stainproof, Very hard to chip, scratch or damage, Easy to clean,Food safe and hygienic, Non-porous which means the stone doesn’t need sealing.   What Is Sintered Stone Used For? The popularity of sintered slab has steadily grown in recent years, and it is foreseeable that it will be the trend of the future. As the sintered slab adds much value to both interior and exterior designs, it enjoys a wide range of application, usually including indoor living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom & balcony, outdoor garden patios, landscaping, gardening, swimming pool tiling, patios, furniture like countertop, vanity top, table top, cabinet door and exterior building facades, hotel lobbies, high end boutique stores and airports. It can be used for almost anything stone can be.   We are committed to providing an overall customized solution for the space with excellent performance, environmentally friendly and healthy new materials and innovative designs. Sintered Stone Vs Quartz Sintered stone has a better resistance to stains, heat and chemicals compared with quartz, heat resistance is a particularly popular characteristic as quartz can have burn marks or change colour when subjected to heat. But also it can be relatively difficult to repair in case of damage.   Sintered Stone is an excellent option for outdoor projects as it is weatherproof and waterproof, whereas it is not recommended to use quartz outside.   Most of the sintered stone colour and pattern does not run through the thickness of the slab, leaving edges without a homogeneous finish. While quartz stone can be same color full-body.   Quartz stone mostly used for countertops, vanity tops, thickness 20mm and 30mm. Sintered stone can be used for countertops, vanity tops, also widely used for floor and wall, thickness comes 3mm, 6mm, 12mm, 15mm, 20mm.   Both materials are harder than Marble and available in a variety of colours. Sintered stone have more natural looking colors than quartz.   Sintered Stone Slab Size: 900x1800mm, 800x2600mm, 1200x2400mm, 1200x2700mm, 1600x2700mm, 1600x3200mm etc. More specification, please consult customer service.
Quartz Stone Specification
Quartz Stone Specification
Quartz is one of the hardest minerals on Earth. Cordial Building quartz slab is made by 93% quartz and 7% resin pigment under high pressure vacuum condition.   It is also called as engineered stone, man-made stone or artificial quartz stone. But is has all benefits of other stone without its drawbacks, non-porous, stain-resistant, extremely durable, heat resistant, hard-wearing.   Natural stoe such as marble, granite or solid surface... , they are scratches and stains easily, require frequent maintenance. So quartz stone is more and more popular to be a reliable choice for countertops, vanity tops and other tops.   Standard size: 3200x1600mm ( 126"x63"), Thickness: 20mm, 30mm Other specifications, please consult customer service. Surface: glossy, matt, leather.     Technical Specifications:   TEST ITEMS TEST METHODS TEST RESULTS Apparent Density EN14617-1:2005 2340kg/mᶟ Water Absorption EN14617-1:2005 0.03% Flexural Strength EN14617-2:2008 49.9MPa Thermal Shock Resistance EN14617-6:2005 Mass Loss: 0.03% Slip Resistance (polished) EN14231-2003 RV "dry": 63 SRV "wet": 14 Abrasion Resistance (polished) EN14617-4:2005 23.8mm Impact Resistance EN14617-9:2005 4.38J Chemical Resistance EN14617-10:2005 Surface finish is unaffected by the reagents Linear Thermal Expansion Coefficient EN14617-11:2005 28.20x10⁻⁶/⁰C Mohs Hardness EN101 7 Mohs High Temp. Resistance ASTM E84 No cracking, no blistering, no color differences Colorfastness and aging test (200h)   No cracking, no crazing, no blistering, ΔΕ is 1.68 Mirror Glossiness ASTM D523-08 55   Quartz Slab Packing Information: Pallet Types Size(mm) Piece Pallet 20ft Container SQM KG PCS SQM KG PLT PCS SQM KG   Wooden Pallet 3200x1600x20 5.12 250 15 76.8 3780 7 105 537.6 26460 3200x1600x30 5.12 375 10 51.2 3780 7 70 358.4 26460 A Shape Pallet 3200x1600x20 5.12 250 15 76.8 3965 6 90 460.8 23790 3200x1600x30 5.12 375 10 51.2 3965 6 60 307.2 23790 * Load container quantity based on the weight limit of destination.  
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